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Cheaper Produce, 'Grocerant' Trend Powering Whole Foods' 365

365 by Whole Foods MarketWhile its first 365 store has been open only a month, Whole Foods Market executives gave investors a peek into what’s working, and it looks like its “grocerant” offerings, like the vegan By Chloe restaurant, are an early hit.

In a presentation at the Oppenheimer Consumer Conference, Whole Foods executives -- including co-founder and co-CEO John Mackey -- revealed some insights. While declining to give sales figures, he did say: “We had to add two more cash registers to the front end, and we’re very happy.”   Read more →

Bigger-than-expected baskets at first 365 by Whole Foods Market:

365 by Whole Foods MarketBigger-than-expected baskets at first 365 by Whole Foods Market:

“We know we’re getting a different customer in the 365 stores. I never saw so many Trader Joe’s bags in a Whole Foods Market store before.”   Read more →

Millennials are abandoning restaurants for an unexpected place

The grocerantMore and more grocery stores are morphing into "grocerants" and devoting a larger part of their stores to prepared foods in a bid to attract more millennials.

Millennials are giving rise to a new concept: the "grocerant."

The grocerant, a grocery store that offers fresh, restaurant-quality prepared foods.

More and more grocery stores are morphing into "grocerants" and devoting a larger part of their stores to prepared foods in a bid to attract more millennials.    Read more →

Students’ pocket park concept to be installed in Chamblee Whole Foods development

Pocket Park Concept

Students from Mount Vernon Presbyterian School Institute for Innovation’s (MVIFI) iDiploma program, recently participated in concepting site plans for an outdoor community space attached to an S.J. Collins development featuring Whole Foods as an anchor tenant in Chamblee.

Their work was so well received by Jeff Garrison of S.J. Collins, he rethought the overall project and has since renamed it to Peachtree Station. (Formerly Peachtree Crossing).

The students spent time interviewing potential users of the ‘pocket park’, gaining insights about the preferences and priorities of their intended users and ultimately ended up distilling their insights into five potential designs. They pitched one “concrete and clearly constructed Sketchup modeled design,” and Garrison loved it. The project took the students four months to complete.    Read more →

The 411 on 365

Whole Foods 365

365 by Whole Foods Market invited thousands of its closest friends to the official FullSizeRenderreveal party for the organic grocery store’s new brand in Silver Lake, Calif. last week.

Several team members from S.J. Collins Enterprises were among the first people to walk inside the newly opened store.

“It was incredible,” said Jeff Garrison, partner at S.J. Collins, the Georgia-based development firm that is currently developing several retail centers across the country anchored by either a Whole Foods Market or a 365 by Whole Foods.
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