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Community input changes the landscape of S.J. Collins Enterprises’ North Decatur Square

The landscape of the American dream is forever changing as more and more millennials and empty nesters move into the urban core in cities all over America.

Looking to live where they work and play, many people are trading long commutes for the ability to reside in an area that affords them the opportunity to enjoy an active, energetic lifestyle. As the trend toward urban living steadily rises, Georgia based developer S.J. Collins Enterprises has created a strategic plan to identify older urban industrial cores that are ready to be redeveloped.

North Decatur Square in Decatur, Ga. is one of those cores. Formerly a car dealership, the 18-acre site will soon be home to an 86,000-square-foot mixed-used shopping district. “That walkable lifestyle is what’s in demand,” says Jeff Garrison, partner at S.J. Collins Enterprises. “People want to be able to walk everywhere and leave their cars at home. They want to go have a good dinner, grab an ice cream and make an evening of strolling around their neighborhood.”        Read more →

It’s a Retail Revolution (Not an Apocalypse!)

What is a mall? It’s a phrase often used to describe a group of stores all under one roof where shoppers race to do their holiday shopping or locate a last-minute outfit. In years past, a mall was the epitome of retail greatness, with everything all in one place. It was the spot where many teenagers were first allowed time away alone from their parents for social gatherings and where adults would spend hours browsing stores or keeping toddlers occupied. But now, more and more people are predicting the extinction of the traditional concept of a shopping mall.

The mall is dead. Retail is dead. Brick-and-mortar stores are dead. It’s a retail apocalypse. We hear these phrases all the time. This steady decline in retail’s confidence is fueled by seeing news headlines, such as “78 Kmart and Sears closing this September” by USA Today, and more recently, “Brookstone is closing all its mall stores” by CNN.

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