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S.J. Collins Enterprises, Delivering Results to Growing Retailers

By seeking long-term relationships with high-growth retailers, S.J. Collins is able to deliver faster results, greater value and class A locations at our various mixed-use and lifestyle centers throughout the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions. Let us show you how we can perform! Learn more ...

Whole Foods' 365 Concept Stores Coming This Month -- Here's What to Watch

Whole Foods 365

While there won't be any of the rumored tattoo parlors, there will be robotic tea servers and in-store restaurants. More importantly -- we hope there'll be traffic.

Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ:WFM) announced in May of last year that it was working on a new concept store design, one with convenience, price, and technology in mind. The new locations, called 365 by Whole Foods Market, have been talked about as the savior to Whole Foods' declining margins and traffic, as well as a way to attract younger consumers with cheaper prices and a focus on more than just groceries.   Read more →

Tax breaks approved for Whole Foods and restaurants near Decatur

Whole Foods 365A Whole Foods grocery, restaurants and other stores will be built near DeKalb Medical Center’s main hospital outside Decatur with the help of more than $1.8 million in tax incentives. The store that will anchor the development, a 365 by Whole Foods Market, is a smaller grocery store with lower prices than traditional Whole Foods Market locations. The 18-acre project is expected to create about 325 jobs with private investment of more than $100 million, according to developer S.J. Collins Enterprises. The tax incentives, approved unanimously Friday by the Decide DeKalb Development Authority, give S.J. Collins a break on property taxes during the next 10 years. During that time, the project will generate about $8.9 million in tax revenue for county and school system governments.   Read more →

Akron's New "365" Whole Foods Store Will Open In 2017

Whole Foods 365Long-time Whole Foods shoppers will see a different store than they're used to coming to Akron. The new "365 by Whole Foods" location is slated to open in 2017. It's a smaller, lower-cost version of the full-size stores.

The Akron store is on the site where the West Point Market once stood. Grocery industry analyst David Livingston says Whole Foods typically does not compete on price, but on service.    Read more →

Delivery Services Good for Grocers

Instacart & Whole Foods

Don't sound the alarm. Brick-and-mortar grocers and delivery services work together.

It’s Sunday afternoon, and you need groceries. You’re deep in Gilmore Girls reruns, so you order groceries through InstaCart. With the rise in popularity of delivery services, will brick-and-mortar grocers feel pressured to decrease their physical locations? “Delivery services have had a positive impact on existing stores,” Jeff Garrison of S.J. Collins said. “The best example of this is Whole Foods’ partnership with InstaCart. The convenience of delivery allows brand-loyal customers to bypass competitors even if another store is closer or more convenient. We can expect more grocers to include these services in their brand offering.”    Read more →

The new Fayetteville Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods FayettevilleWith less than a week before Whole Foods Market opens in Fayetteville, company officials invited members of the media inside for a tour of the new 29,000-square-foot store at 3425 N. College Avenue.
Aside from a full-service grocery store, the new facility includes a 1,500-square-foot custom taproom which will offer beer from local and national brands, as well as wine by the glass.
Patrons can also enjoy a coffee/espresso bar, and a full lunch and dinner menu either indoors or outside on the store’s covered patio. Featured items include wood-fired pizza, sandwiches, sushi, and barbecue cooked in the store’s own smokehouse.
Officials said the store will offer more than 150 local items, including products from Onyx Coffee, Crystal Lake Farms, Oh Baby, Ozark Natural Bread, Sweden Creek, Fayettechill, and more.   Read more →