Georgia Developer Earns Green Rating for Peachtree Station

Georgia Developer Earns Green Rating for Peachtree Station

Developed by S.J. Collins Enterprises (, a commercial real estate development firm, the Whole Foods Market at Peachtree Crossing has achieved a Green Globes® rating by the Green Building Initiative™.

The team, including Phillips Architects + Engineers, practiced an integrated design process by involving key design professionals from the start. The design took measures to reduce the ecological impacts, including the use of efficient irrigation strategies. Local species of trees, shrubs and other drought-tolerant plants were introduced to conserve water consumption, and green walls were installed to keep the exterior walls at an optimum temperature.

"We are very proud of S.J. Collins Enterprises' recent Green Globes award and unwavering focus on sustainable development," said Darron Kusman, Chamblee City Council. "Transparency is increasingly important to our citizens who want to understand the environmental and health impacts of the businesses they patronize. The Green Globes certification allows them to make that determination quickly and effectively while ensuring the long-term viability of our community. If that were not enough, the SJ Collins' team also facilitated a design competition at local schools to give budding entrepreneurs a chance to engage the community and design a pocket park for residents to enjoy."

The building comprises of high performance materials and insulation on the exterior walls, including insulated skylights, awnings and canopy systems, to reduce the amount of heat gain into the building. A photo sensor or an astronomical time switch with a 10-hour back controls all lighting up.

"None of this would have been done if S.J. Collins did not prioritize an environmental program and decide to tackle the challenges that were unique to this site," said Robert French, senior vice president of Phillips Architects + Engineers. "Often a site is laid out to maximize efficiency, work around or with physical impediments like roads and topography but also to integrate or improve the city fabric. In the case of this site, the history of the property also influenced the layout and location of the buildings – adding to the challenges of providing a vibrant pedestrian experience."

The 45,000-square-foot Whole Foods Market anchors the shopping center, located at 5001 Peachtree Blvd., at the intersection of Peachtree Boulevard and Peachtree Road. Ranging from high-quality stores, service businesses and restaurants, Peachtree Station includes 25 other mixed-use occupants. The retail hub is slated to open in summer 2017.

A nationally recognized green rating assessment, guidance and certification program, the Green Building Initiative is a nonprofit organization and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standards Development Organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of green building practices. Founded in 2004, the organization is the sole U.S. provider of the Green Globesand federal Guiding Principles Compliance green building certification programs.

"We are honored to receive this environmentally friendly award that signifies excellence and innovative sustainable design," said Jeff Garrison, a partner at S.J. Collins Enterprises. "This was a partnership with many players and will be a valuable asset to the Chamblee community."

The Green Globes environmental assessment confirms that an unbiased, third-party organization verified a building's sustainable aspects. The evaluation utilizes weighted criteria in its recognized assessment protocol, comprehensively assessing building environmental impacts on a 1,000-point scale in seven categories. Each of these categories has an assigned number of points that quantify overall building performance – including a comprehensive approach to Energy Performance and a practical and objective method for Life-Cycle Assessment. To be certified, the building must attain a minimum overall score of 35 percent.

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