Companies open for business at Secor Square

Companies open for business at Secor Square

You might have driven past the Secor Square that is located off Secor Road near 475. Right now, Pizza Fire, Fusian, Orange Theory and the Holiday Inn Express & Suites are open for business.

Zach Weprin told 13abc he is the co-founder of Fusian along with his brother and childhood best friend. They have opened 11 modern counter-serve eateries featuring build your own sushi rolls and bowls around Ohio.

"We're just excited to share that with you guys and we just want you to try it," said Weprin.

"Toledo is a very cultural city. There's a lot of great music, great food, a lot of great art and it's cool to come in an atmosphere like this where they combine food and art into one," Lucas Sigurdson.

Fusian is located on the edge of the Secor Square. It is next door to Orange Theory.

An employee at Orange Theory Moe Abdelkarim said, "this facility is for all ages and sizes. It's doesn't matter who you are, we'll work with you."

There, Abdelkarim said teachers focus on cardio.

"They instruct you through the hour class and make sure you're doing the right form and correct technique," said Abdelkarim.

There are two food options, a hotel and an exercising gym at the Secor Square and soon there will be more businesses.

"As a city that's ever evolving and always moving, it's nice to have a place like this where you can sit down and have a nice meal," said Sigurdson.