S.J. Collins Enterprises, Delivering Results to Growing Retailers

We believe development should drive neighborhood engagement. S.J. Collins is a premier developer of mixed use centers throughout the Southeastern United States. Our team designs, leases, and delivers centers featuring first class restaurant, retail, grocery and office space.

Mixed-Use Moving Forward in a Post-COVID World

Any place where people gather is now subject to scrutiny in this new world that we are all navigating day by day. Mixed-use centers are home to places for shopping, dining, living, working and playing and are not exempt. Proactive developers have a great opportunity to shape the future of what these communities will look like.

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Post COVID-19 Positive Signs

The Interlock

Atlanta’s growing population, booming economy, safe business environment and low property tax rates make it the perfect place for commercial real estate. However, as social distancing, self-isolation and quarantine have become words that are all too familiar with the American collective over the past several months, many are left wondering just how developers plan to rebuild in the post COVID-19 economy, and what it means for Georgia.

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S.J. Collins is committed to providing communities with high energy mixed use centers that encourage walkable lifestyles that are connected and active. With locations throughout the country, we specialize in bringing in first class tenants that create a curated mix to community changing centers.