2007 Revisited - Prediction 2

2007 Revisited - Prediction 2

Last week, we revisited my 2007 predictions of explosive Southeastern population growth. I missed a bit on that one. The slow economy made the forecasted numbers unachievable. Now, let’s see how Prediction #2 looks in the rearview mirror.

The second prediction made in 2007 was as follows (drum roll and anticipation)

2. Growth would be highly focused in specific emerging “megalopolis” areas. Specifically, growth would concentrate on the I-85 corridor from Atlanta to Raleigh and in South Florida.

So, looking back, how did I do with this one? Here’s my take:

Prediction #2 – The idea of megalopolis concentrations still feels right intuitively though the lack of growth makes evidence to support the theory nonexistent.

Verdict – Too early to tell.

Am I really this bad? Am I “0 for 2” now? I do think it’s too early to say on this one. Urbanization is a worldwide trend. Stifled growth has made prediction here tough. I, for one, am going to let my money ride on this prediction. I think it will prove out. Let me know what you think by posting on Twitter @RetailJeff.

See you next week with Prediction #3.