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Georgia Developer Earns Green Rating for Peachtree Station

Peachtree Station Rendering
Developed by S.J. Collins Enterprises (SJCollinsEnt.com), a commercial real estate development firm, the Whole Foods Market at Peachtree Crossing has achieved a Green Globes® rating by the Green Building Initiative™.

The team, including Phillips Architects + Engineers, practiced an integrated design process by involving key design professionals from the start. The design took measures to reduce the ecological impacts, including the use of efficient irrigation strategies. Local species of trees, shrubs and other drought-tolerant plants were introduced to conserve water consumption, and green walls were installed to keep the exterior walls at an optimum temperature.       Read more →

Financing Still Strong for Quality Retail Projects

Jeff Garrison
Jeff Garrison of S.J. Collins Enterprises explains how the lending environment has changed for the retail industry and discusses the firm's unique community-oriented development strategy.

In the era of e-commerce, the retail industry is transforming and adjusting to the new ways consumers prefer to shop. But despite these changes, the sector as a whole is still experiencing moderate growth, and the trend is expected to continue in 2017 and beyond. The retail properties most likely to survive and be successful in 2017 are those with high-quality retailers and amenities, and their owners are constantly adapting them to keep up with the times       Read more →

Whole deal

Jeff Garrison
Retail real estate is on the cusp of a major shift, says Jeff Garrison, and he thinks his company, S.J. Collins Enterprises, is at the forefront of the transformation.

“When you can shop online for 80% of your daily needs, you have to provide something creative and unique,” says Garrison, a partner with S.J. Collins, based in Fairburn, Ga., southwest of Atlanta. “It’s really about experience retail now.”

One of the best places to showcase that experience, says Garrison, is with Whole Foods Market-anchored centers, particularly in Florida and the Southeast. Founded in 2007, S.J. Collins, in total, has opened eight Whole Foods-anchored centers since 2011 and has at least 10 more across the nation in some form of development.
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Cheaper Produce, 'Grocerant' Trend Powering Whole Foods' 365

365 by Whole Foods Market
While its first 365 store has been open only a month, Whole Foods Market executives gave investors a peek into what’s working, and it looks like its “grocerant” offerings, like the vegan By Chloe restaurant, are an early hit.

In a presentation at the Oppenheimer Consumer Conference, Whole Foods executives -- including co-founder and co-CEO John Mackey -- revealed some insights. While declining to give sales figures, he did say: “We had to add two more cash registers to the front end, and we’re very happy.”       Read more →

Bigger-than-expected baskets at first 365 by Whole Foods Market:

365 by Whole Foods Market
Bigger-than-expected baskets at first 365 by Whole Foods Market:

“We know we’re getting a different customer in the 365 stores. I never saw so many Trader Joe’s bags in a Whole Foods Market store before.”       Read more →

S.J. Collins Enterprises is committed to providing our guests with the best possible shopping experience. With locations throughout the southeast and mid-Atlantic states, we specialize in grocery anchored shopping centers that provide a retailer mix catering specifically to those interested in a high-energy lifestyle.